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Kos, an Island Shaped by its Rich History and its Natural Beauty

Kos Island is one of the most popular and favourite summer destinations of millions of tourists from all around the world. Kos combines the virgin natural beauty of sandy lacy beaches and unforgettable sunsets with thousands years of history and different civilizations that have left their mark on the beautiful island of Kos with grandiose monuments and structures ranging from ancient Greek theaters to Knights’ castles. Kos has been the birthplace of the Nymph Europe, which gave its name to an entire continent and it is also the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine.

Sites you must visit and see!

Asclepeion: it is one of the most famous and popular landmarks of Kos. The Asclepeion is a sanctuary located in a quiet and beautiful place, full of pine trees just 4km southwest of the city centre. Asclepius was the God of healing and the sanctuary functioned as a healing center for the sick. It was also the place where Hippocrates taught medicine to his students.

Kos Airport Car Rental

Kos Airport Car Rental

Hippocratic Museum & International Hippocratic Foundation: Both are located just before the Asclepium and they are built in honor to the father of medicine, Hippocrates. You’ll find rare editions of his work, busts, currencies and several projects that are mentioned by the modern medical science. Tip: devote a day to visit the Hippocratic Museum, the international Hippocratic Foundation and the Asclepeion.

Kos Airport Car Rental

Kos Airport Car Rental

The Castle of the Knights: The castle of the nights alongside the other fortresses functioned as a defensive mechanism against the Ottoman empire. It is connected to the Platanos square with a large bridge. The Castle is located at the entrance of the port of Kos Town and it is easily accessible by car.

Kos Airport Car Rental

Kos Airport Car Rental

Tigaki (Wetland): Tigaki is located 11 km west from Kos town and can be accessed by car. From winter to spring, the vegetation grows dense due to heavy rainfall and the area becomes a wetland that accommodates various rare animal species including flamingos and wild ducks. During the summer however, the area is deserted.

Kos Airport Car Rental

Kos Airport Car Rental

Roman Odeon: The Roman Auditorium is one of the most important buildings of ancient Kos. It was erected during the 2nd century A.D it is believed to have taken the place of an older public building that could have been the parliament of the city. It is located in the town centre of Kos and today it hosts a number of cultural events & happenings.

Kos Airport Car Rental

Kos Airport Car Rental

More Sites & Places to Visit:

  • Casa Romana – Roman Villa
  • Church of St. John the Baptist
  • The Castle of Antimachia
  • Castle and Old Town of Pyli
  • The Cave of White Stone
  • Temple of Apollo in Kardamena
  • Temple of Hercules
  • Ancient Agora Ko
  • The Tomb of Harmylos
  • Tigaki Salt Lake
  • Kos Natural Park
  • Linopoti Lake
  • The Sunset of Zia
  • Kos Port
  • Mastihari Port

Kos Airport

Kos airport became operational on the 4th of April 1964 and since then it has served millions of travellers. Locally, the airport is also referred to as Hippocrates and it is located close to the village of Antimachia, 22km southwest of Kos town. It is advised to travel from and to the airport by car to avoid delays and enjoy a comfortable trip.

The airport of Kos is equipped to facilitate everyone who is traveling from and to Kos island. In the “Hippocrates” airport you will find services such as:

Eating & Drinking: A cafe is located in the main terminal building which serves hot and cold beverages, snacks and small dishes.

Shopping: You will find a large variety of Duty-free shops in the main terminal building for all your shopping needs.

Other Facilities: The airport is equipped with all the appropriate facilities to cater for handicapped and disabled travellers and you can also find a medical centre, should you need medical attention, and a police station right at the terminal building.

Rent a Car & Enjoy your Vacation in Kos

The whole island of Kos has an adequate network of transportation. Due to the flat terrain and the public road network you can reach any place of the island of Kos in the comfort of your car without any hassle.

Take advantage of our low prices and rent the car of your choice to explore and discover the magical island of Kos!

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